Kicking it for Jason

Jason Thompson's Battle with Cancer

Early in the morning of February 11, 2010, Jason passed away

Psalm 91 Story


Jason had a scheduled MRI as a routine screen before the bone marrow transplant could take place.  He so hated coming to Mayo when he wasn't admitted as a patient.   We really were there almost every day for something.  Since his cancer was in every part of his body we had to see so many specialists on top of the routine blood work, cat scans, xrays,  bone marrow extractions and numerous other exams.   After months and months of this he was quite tired of it all and felt it was too much at times.    He did not want more testing and wanted to make sure he wasn't going to have to come back and do it again.  He went to this appointment, which was scheduled without contrast, and he adamantly requested that Doctors order be double checked to make sure that contrast wasn't needed.  They actually called the doctor to confirm no contrast and proceeded with the MRI.  That afternoon there was a message on his phone that they wanted another MRI with contrast.   The message told Jason that this appt. would not show up on his regular schedule print out. (Mayo is so organized that every week you get a print out of your weekly tests and appointment.)  It said he should just go to the MRI front check in desk and tell them he was there.  They also said that the check in desk would not have his name so they would have to call the back, but they would have his name back there and would be waiting for him.   This manner of scheduling is not normal for mayo and we both thought it was quite and odd message.   This made Jason quite angry as this was exactly what he was trying to prevent in the first place.  He proceeded to call some Mayo to find out what and why this occurred but no one new anything about it.  The appointment was scheduled a week away and every day he would say??  I am not going?   They should have got it right the first time.    The day before the appointment I told him," let's just go and if they don't have your name at the desk we will just leave and go for breakfast."   

We arrived at Mayo and were on our way to the main lobby elevators and faintly heard our names called.  We turned around and it was Jasons main physician Dr. Solberg who was hurrying to catch up with us to say hello.  We spoke for a few minutes and then proceeded to the 2nd floor MRI waiting room and everything happened just as the message said they did not have his name at the front desk, it did not show on his weekly schedule and when they called back to the MRI technicians they were waiting for him.   They took us back to another waiting area where you change into hospital clothing and  Jason left for his test.   A few minutes later the cutest little old lady from Puerto Rico walked into the waiting area and we instantly started talking.  She told me she was here for a MRI and that she was so scared.   I told her not to be afraid that my son was having one right now and has had many of them and she would do fine.    She then proceeded to tell me that she saw me in the lobby talking with 2 others and that the person standing next to me had such a light that shown from him and that she could see and that he was very special.   So this was your son that you were standing by?   I started to cry and said yes!     She said that things were going to get very difficult and that I needed to read psalm 91 to Jason every day and night and that no matter how bad things seemed to get , to tell Jason not to give up.   I asked her if she would tell him herself.  When Jason returned she took his hands, sat next to him and with her twinkling eyes told him there was a light that shown from him and that she could see that he was very special and repeated what she had told me about the Psalm along with some other passages Jason should read.   She was like a breath of fresh air and it felt like someone had put her there just at that moment to give us an uplifting message of hope.  It was very much needed after so many months of illness.   We both went home and immediately got the Bible out to read the Psalm to see what it said.  I just could not believe the words.

Things did get bad and there were many sleepless nights together in the hospital room, but I read this psalm to him relentlessly every day and night.   I always promised Jason I would read this to him no matter what.   I was going to do what that Lady said to do whether he was unconscious on a respirator or just sleeping.  I promised I would do it every day.    I kept this promise and it soon became very comforting to both of us.  I could see a peace come over his face when I would start reading it and often by the time I ended he was asleep.   This Psalm is now a source of comfort for me when I read it out loud as I did over the last few months at his bedside, I feel as if I am still reading it to Jason and that I can feel him in my heart.  

Thank goodness for an error in testing?..the message on Jason's phone to come and do it over again?? I believe we were destined to meet this wonderful lady and wish I could tell her Thank You for her words spoken to both of us that day.  READ PSALM  91