Kicking it for Jason

Jason Thompson's Battle with Cancer

Early in the morning of February 11, 2010, Jason passed away

Jason's Story
August  6 - 31

August 6
We received unexpected news on Tuesday that Jason would be released and have a break.  So we are home today.  Since his body had some reactions to the second round of chemo and two opportunistic infections, they want him to recover his strength and gain some weight before starting the next rounds.  They also thought a change of scenery would help his outlook.  He has an appointment to be readmitted on August 20, so we will leave on the 19th.

I was thrilled to have him in the car with me again.  It was a very emotional homecoming for him; he was so happy to be back home where he loves to be. 

We are going to arrange for a meeting place where we would like invite everyone to come.  We will be calling Don Pedro's to see if it will be OK to spend two hours some evening.  Jason is very thin and weak and his immune systen is still compromised.  If you would like to see Jason, he would love to see you.  Please come!!!

August 15
Thank you to all who came out to say hello.  Jason loved seeing you and we so enjoyed meeting you, who have done so much for us.

Jason, Kim and Randy

August 16
We have been so glad to be home and have some sense of "normal" to the day like it used to be.   Jason spends most of the time resting, or when he feel a bit more energetic will try to sit in the office for a while and do some web surfing or play a game with his brother who is in Michigan.  They can be on the same team and talk with each other while playing.  It is a good connection for them and helps pass some time.  He gained 12 lbs since he has been home and we hope it will be 20 by the time we leave on Wednesday for his re-admittance appointment at Mayo on Thursday.  Thanks to Jan Hansen and Jen and her mother for bringing Jason's favorite foods for him.  I think most of the weight is from Thai spring rolls and Stromboli. 

He sleeps very well and is enjoying the peace and quiet of his own bed.  If I don't wake him, he would sleep until 3 pm, but he does not like to sleep and day away.  Everyday there is progress in strength and mental clarity.  I feel blessed to have this time with him and cherish every second.  As Wednesday is approaching and we know we have to go, there is a heaviness in our hearts.  But, it is a beautiful drive and I am happy to be able to share it with him.

August 21
We are back at the Mayo Clinic.  Jason's tests are  on-going, blood work, CT scans and bone marrow tests.  Spinal fluid testing will be next week.   There is a consultation scheduled for Thursday, August 27. 

August 27
Jason had a spinal tap today.  His Dr. tried to get him admitted all day, but the beds were full.  He will be admitted on Monday and treatment will be started.  We will have more news then.  He gained 20 lbs in the time between, so he will be going back in better shape than the last time he was admitted.

August 31.
Jason was admitted late morning and we got the exact same room we had last time so that was nice and familiar in a strange way.  He was not even in the room 30 seconds and they were there to take blood already.  He had a pic line put in his arm and was hooked up to the first round of chemo by evening.  He is having one of the same chemo agents he has had with the previous rounds but this time it will be much stronger.  He will have 4 rounds of this over a period of 4 months.  Unfortunately I had to leave to go back to Santa Rosa and get some things caught up and do a lot of work thru the Holiday Weekend, so the updates from now on will be thru the nurses when I call in the morning to get a report and speaking with Jason in the evenings if he picks up the phone.